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Integrity Care Services is a provider of support for people with disability. It firmly endorses that people with disability should enjoy the same rights as other members of society and that the patterns and conditions of everyday life should closely as possible mirror those in society in general.

Integrity Care Services also provides support to children and young people in accordance with the Children and Young Peoples Act 2008. All employees are committed to their responsibilities as mandate reporters under this legislation.

Integrity Care is also committed to providing a quality service to those individuals who require complex supports such as palliative care, peg feeding, bowel care and catheter care. All employees are committed to delivering a service under the Human Rights ACT.

Integrity Care Services conducts its business with integrity, respect and fairness and in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, codes and standards. All employees have personally committed to the highest ethical standards of behaviour in their dealing with clients and their families, the organisation and with each other. Our Directors expect a culture in which ethical conduct is recognised, valued and exemplified at all levels.